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Sunday, July 9, 2017

In the Beginning Book Tour + Giveaway

Sci Fi/Space Opera
Date Published: Releasing Sept 5th 2017

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The origins of Judeo-Christian religion and mythology come together in this mature science fiction page-turner. 
To combat overpopulation on the planet Orion, the government releases a birth control virus to keep women from becoming pregnant. Only the brightest and most attractive of their species are allowed to mate. But the virus rages out of control, killing both mother and child. Attempts to develop a cure fail. They only have one option left: search other worlds for advanced societies that may be able to help.
The two most intelligent minds on Orion—and former best friends—Lucifer and Zues band together to search for a secret planet. When they finally arrive, they are greeted with unexplainable death and destruction. This planet is not the answer. Something doesn’t add up. They discover an extra unknown planet in the solar system.  
The new planet is covered in lush land masses and bodies of water. Different species of hominids run—and mate—freely. Fire-breathing dragons guard the land. Lucifer is determined to figure out who or what created this planet. He thinks it just might be the key to saving Orion and the Orionites.


Zues looked down and ran his right hand down his face again, this time more slowly, more deliberately. He threw back an entire handful of chi seeds and began to grind them between his teeth. He spat out a huge wad of chi-seed shells, some into the cup and some not, sat back in his chair, and stared directly into the eyes of Osiris. The Zueshin who had shown up at the beginning of their meeting was suddenly present in the room again. Osiris felt the mood shift like an invisible tidal wave crashing into his soul.
“There should never be two arc vessels assigned to the same mission. You should know that, Osiris. You need a strong center of command on any mission, especially one such as this. Two arc vessels and two commanders—that is reckless and foolish. I would not recommend it under any circumstances, and I will not be a part of it, no matter who is in command of the research vessel.”
Confident of his plans, Osiris found the nerve to press on. “I have a name that I want to throw at you. I think it may just be a game changer.”
Zues just continued to stare directly into the eyes of the young king, spat in his cup, and eventually muttered, “And that name is?”
Osiris remained steadfast in his conviction as he continued to hold the general’s fiery gaze. He refused to look away and be broken. He bared his teeth to let Zues know that he was serious, sucked in a deep, full breath, the air whistling as it passed between the gaps of his front incisors, and then in a grave and grim tone invoked the name. “Lucifer.”

About the Author

 BCE is originally from parts unknown and currently resides in areas of the planet yet to be explored. His favorite pastime is reading old encyclopedias while eating Peanut M&M’s. He does believe that the warehouse depicted at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark actually exists. He has only one goal left in his life that he wishes to accomplish: to live long enough to see the aliens return so he may look over at his beautiful wife in her nursing-home bed and say, “I told you so.”

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