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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Will To Live Blog Tour + Giveaway

Title:  Will to Live
Author: M. Christine
Publisher:  Torrid Books
Release Date: March 16, 2017
Heat Level: 5 - Erotica
Pairing: Male/Female, Male/Female/Male (No Male/Male interaction), Female/Male/Female (No Female/Female interaction), Female/Female/Male (Female/Female interaction)
Length: 29,509 words
Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Contemporary,Multi-Cultural,Friends-to-lovers

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The old adage learn by doing sure applies to Williamson “Will” Franco, a dominant prodigy at age 18. If it weren’t for an impromptu threeway encounter—with a sideshow of anilingus—this truly intercultural young man never would have dreamed of spanking, bondage, and role play. So he becomes an employee of a sex club. When Will shows up, club revenues jump. Consensual kinky sex is not a required part of the job, but is optional. The club, however, ends up being much more than a sexual awakening. His coworkers embrace him as kin, while the proprietress and her submissive husband end up being Will’s benefactors, bankrolling his education and guiding him on a good path, despite a dire home life in the hood. The experience matures him, equips him to cope with inevitable family problems and tragedy, and shows him how to live.


Once they arrived at Kendra’s sleek apartment, she got right to the point and explained the plan: although she and Yuri engaged in unprotected sex—they scheduled regular clinic visits to test for STIs—Will would need to use a condom. Kendra had a special chair Yuri bought for her with Righteous Ding Dong proceeds. The chair let Kendra sit comfortably, but exposed and parted her ass crack and pussy for Yuri to service below. “I’m not always a top,” she explained. Will, though green with this lingo, understood. “I’m very balanced. I like being top and bottom, often topping from the bottom—like now.” Kendra espoused her philosophical ideal of sex while she settled herself on the chair. She wore stockings, a garter belt, and stilettos, as well as a half-cup bra to complete the look. She beckoned Will toward her, her face level with his fly, which she deftly undid. When he looked down at this brunette vixen, he detected some Asian ancestry. Yuri was already set up under the chair, sighing at the sight of her slit. “While Yuri eats my ass, I’ll service your cock— with a rubber to be safe,” Kendra told Will. “Is that agreed?” “Uh-huh,” agreed Yuri with a muffle, his mouth already planted in her heavenly cave as he stroked his full-to-bursting cock. When Will’s hefty erection was wrangled out, Kendra was pleasantly enthused. She smiled lustily and fondled it before opening a Magnum-brand condom to fit over his stiff meat. “Gobble, gobble,” she said. Will enjoyed that, as well as the power his prick had over her demeanor.

                         Guest Post 

Quickie Q&A with M. Christine
If you had your own talk show, who would your first three author guests be and why?
I hope everyone knows that Seth Meyers has many author guests on his show. That right there puts him in an elevated class of hosts. If I were to have a talk show or be asked to guest host for Late Night with Seth Meyers, I would first have Donna Tartt join me so I could gush about her jaw-dropping epic The Goldfinch. I have already seen her interviewed by Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes—I would expect her to wear her trademark butch suit—therefore I would cover the same subjects for the benefit of the viewers. Her painstaking writing process, her reclusiveness, college, relationship with Bret Easton Ellis, childhood, what she reads now. Second author would be the equally interesting Sara Gran, whose gritty Claire DeWitt books are an utter joy to devour. She is low key, not exactly reclusive, mostly absent from social media, and works steadily in television and film. Another author would be Angela Flournoy. An excerpt from her book The Turner House jumped out from the pack of The Unprofessionals, a new writers short-story anthology put out by The Paris Review. The Turner House details a family’s history, parents migrating from the South to Detroit where they raise 13 kids. A haint creates woe among the family, mostly with the eldest child well into his 60s when he reigns as patriarch. For the rest of the family the haint symbolizes dysfunction and hardship. Flournoy writes like a dream, poetic but sordidly rife with workplace genital flashing and gambling addictions. I would love to hear what she’s working on currently.

If you could sequester yourself for a week somewhere and just focus on your writing, where would you go and what would the environment be like?
This is a Pie in the Sky wish. I daydream about this more than I should. Cravings for places like Zion National Park or Saguaro National Park haunt me at times. The National Park Service does offer artist residencies, so to any writers looking here, this is my tip to you as the program (if it last$) includes writers. For me, yes Pie in the Sky would be wonderful, fresh air, starry nights, panoramas, all cocooning my process, even for a short while. I am guilty of perusing this website. Doesn’t it look heavenly? It’s comfortable yet remote, the view is amazing. It is near Temecula, CA, which is wine country, so perhaps I’d get some bottles to enjoy at night and watch the stars. Wow, this is a fantasy! The disgusted opinion headlines would read, OBSCENE WRITER GETS RESIDENCY AT IDYLLIC, GENTEEL ARTS COLONY. I would be a little more suited to the checkered history of Big Sur. Any writers who have visited Dorland Mountain Arts Colony please tell me, @MC_Sheelanagig, about it on Twitter.


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Meet the Author

M. Christine is a SoCal writers whose work is infused with an extended tour of duty in adult-magazine publishing, melting-pot subcultures, and art school.

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