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Friday, May 12, 2017

The Heart Of Escher Book Tour + Giveaway

James Fisher, a lonely, bullied schoolboy, finds himself in the dark and twisted land of Escher after wishing himself away from an ill-fated family holiday.

Lost and frightened, James must help heal the dying world of Escher, overrun by the creatures of the Nightmare forest, to return home.
Guided by the emerald-eyed cat, Sam, and befriended by the headstrong resistance fighter, Jasper, James is taken on an adventure through a world mirroring his own nightmares, where he is forced to confront his own fears and the ghostly Shadow in order to save Escher.

Unbeknown to James, not only is he fighting for Escher’s future, but also his own.

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Born and raised in Hampshire, I spent most of my childhood dreaming up random adventures.

I left the sunny south coast to study Graphic Communication in Bath, where I fell in love with the rolling Somerset hills when I wasn’t walking up them.

Returning to Hampshire 6 years later, after meeting my now wife, Claire, I enjoy a quieter life, walking in the New Forest and relaxing with my wonderful wife and fluffy cat Molly.

I have always enjoyed telling stories, more often than not in visual form, either in films or animations. However, the idea of Escher was too big for me to do visually by myself so I picked up a pen and started writing.

Having written one novel, I am now keen to tell more stories of Escher, while at the same time expressing my imagination with my art. 

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The argument at the front of the car was becoming more heated, and his dad’s driving was more erratic. The car turned suddenly as his mum pointed to a sign she recognised, and they found themselves driving down a dark road where the trees created a dense archway, only letting little trickles of light through their thick, tangled branches. 

If it wasn’t bad enough, Rosie was now crying loudly, as the last turn had made her bang her head on the edge of her seat. The downhill road merged into another, darker than the last yet a little wider, but no smoother. 

In the distance, James could see the small entrance of what looked like a long tunnel under a large hill, dressed in a scattering of tall trees. His mum was trying to calm Rosie down while at the same time getting an earful about keeping an eye on the map. 

His dad was certainly in a foul mood, and James felt he could no longer cope with this journey. ​Please let me out of this car! ​His legs were painful and all he could hear was shouting and crying. 

He could see a white light at the end of the tunnel—presumably the exit at the other end—yet there was something odd about it. It appeared to move, as if the tunnel was 
shrinking. As the light got closer, James imagined them emerging from the tunnel to 

find themselves on the right road and almost at their destination, bringing this nightmare trip to an end. 

The car speeded up, entered the tunnel quite fast, and James closed his eyes. 

I wish I could be anywhere but here. 

As if his wish had been heard, his vision filled with light until he felt as if he were floating in space. Silhouetted, he could see Samuel, but then he lost him as a horrible screeching noise tore through his head. It turned into a reverberating thud that pained him more than the worst headache he’d ever had. 

I need to wake up​, he thought, panicked, but he couldn’t even breathe, let alone open his eyes. 

He felt a heavy impact on his back, and the air returned to his lungs with a whoosh. His eyes jolted open.


When did you start writing, and was there a specific event or person who influenced you to become an author? 

I only recently started writing. It’s not something I ever thought I would be good at, yet, I had a story to tell so I gave it a go. Encouraging me along the way, were my friends and my amazingly supportive family, so you could say they were my biggest influence.  

How many books do you have out, and do you have a favorite? 

The Heart of Escher is my first book I have written so by default it is my favorite.  

How do you come up with character names? 

With difficulty. I never thought coming up with character names would be so hard! I mulled over the names for a long time, and changed them a fair bit too.  

Do you have a favorite author? 

David Eddings, I loved his fantasy series the Belgariad when I was younger. His five part series, following, ​Garion, was the first series that got me into fantasy books and the fantastic worlds that could be created by a writer's imagination.  
I am also a big fan of Frank Herbert, as I loved his Dune series (original books). You can read his books over and over and find new meanings each time. The depth and exploration of human evolution via the Golden Path is very fascinating. It’s such a shame Frank never got the chance to finish the series. 

What is some of your favorite or memorable books that you’ve read? 

Game of Thrones - Loved all these books with the exception of ‘Feast for Crows’ which, in my opinion, spent too long away from my favorite characters and too long in Dorne.  The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, is a fascinating read which has a unique spin on old fairy tales.  
All the Dune novels by Frank Herbert. So much depth, with such an intriguing storyline, which holds up through each book despite jumping thousands of years into the future in most instalments.  

Do you have any pets? 

Me and my wife have one cat. Her name is Molly and she is a lovely, yet shy, Maine Coon. I have always been a cat person, in fact, the Heart of Escher features a couple of my childhood cats, Sweepie and Tufty, who were so important to me while I was growing up. Sweepie, had a knack of always being there for me whenever I had a bad day, and Tufty was so playful and funny.  

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing? 

I like to draw and create digital art. My first instinct before I started writing the Heart of Escher was to illustrate the whole story, so it would be one great big graphic novel. I had to stop myself, however, as I knew if I did it this way I would never get it finished.  
I find drawing to be very relaxing, and I try and draw something whenever I get the chance.  
Recently, I have set up a Instagram account, where you can view some of my latest work: 

What is the best vacation you ever went on? 

A recent trip to Canada in the fall was probably one of my best vacations. The weather was gorgeous, the trees were bright and a vibrant orange the like I have never seen before. The people were friendly, and the sights were truly spectacular, such as the sunrise over Niagara falls. That was one moment in time I will never forget.  

If you could live anywhere else besides your current location, where would it be? 

Toronto, Canada, by a lake, outside the city. I have been there twice now and I have loved both trips. I can’t think of anything better than writing or creating some art by the lake. 

Top 10 List: 

Family time 
Football (Soccer) 
Chillout music 
Going on holiday 
Summer days 
Apple Crumble 
Steak & Ale pie with mash

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