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Monday, December 17, 2018

Noelle Deck The Halls + Giveaway

           Music is an important part of just about everyone’s Christmas, whether it’s Christmas carols at the church Christmas program, a rerun of Bing Crosby singing in ‘White Christmas’, or the incessant Muzak playing at the malls.  As a singer and musician, Christmas music is an especially important part of my Christmas.  I have been making music for the holidays since I was a teenager playing the organ in a little Baptist church, and it continues to be an important part of my Christmas celebration every year.
            I have made Christmas music just about everywhere.  In that small church, at the school where I taught for many years, in the televised choir of a large suburban congregation, in the back of a truck on a Christmas caroling hayride, on a barge floating down the San Antonio River with the Boy Scouts, for church senior groups, in the dining rooms and halls of nursing homes.  I’ve made Christmas music in every one of those places.  My opportunities to make Christmas music grew exponentially when I learned to play the dulcimer and ukulele and joined The San Antonio Riverpickers, a mountain music band that features dulcimers and old-time Appalachian tunes, and Ukulele Ladies and Gents, which plays all kinds of music including lots of island songs.  With these two groups, I have expanded my holiday repertoire beyond the usual Christmas carols and radio and movie songs.  I also find myself playing in venues that are an adventure in themselves.
Riverpickers does a lot of street festivals around the holidays, most notably Christmas in Comfort and Dickens on Main in Boerne.  We mix in a few Christmas numbers but play mostly mountain tunes, as very few carols sound all that good on a dulcimer.  Our audience seems to enjoy the old mountain tunes as much as they do the carols.  Playing for a street festival can get interesting in terms of weather, however.  After all, we are playing outdoors.  We’ve played with the sun shining in our eyes on a stage facing a setting sun, and under chilly cloud cover with rain threatening.  We’ve played in the hot-this is Texas and it can still be hot in December.  We’ve played in the cold.  Really cold.  Our record cold-weather performance was an hour-long set in Boerne a few years back.  The sun had gone down, it was twenty-nine degrees and the wind was blowing.  It was so cold the instruments all had to be retuned, not a problem unless you play a hammered dulcimer with forty-plus strings.  (My fingers burned for a solid hour afterwards.)  We promised ourselves afterwards we’d never again play below forty degrees, but I honestly don’t think it would stop us.  Street festivals are just too much fun to pass up.
The ukulele group is just the opposite.  We stay inside where it’s nice and warm and play Hawaiian Christmas music, complete with hula dancers and red and green Aloha shirts.  And we sing them in Hawaiian!  Of course, we do other Christmas songs also.  The ukulele group plays many different places, including churches and libraries and a lot of nursing homes.  Although we play for someone or something every month, the holidays tend to be our busy season.  So far, we have one performance scheduled right before Thanksgiving and four during December.  And that’s so far.  There may be more.
Making all the performances can get hectic in an already jam-packed season.  Occasionally we must skip a party or another event to play and sing.  But making music, especially Christmas music, deeply enriches our holiday.  I cannot imagine Christmas without it.

The Smoky Blue Series

Book 10

Emily Mims

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing

Date of Publication: Nov. 20, 2018

Word Count: Approx. 74,000

Cover Artist: Boroughs Art Department

Tagline: Ike and Cassie love each other. But her daughter stands between them.

Book Description:

He’s found the wife who’d run from him five years ago. But it will take a Christmas miracle to keep her in his life.

A terrified Cassie Jeffries fled Tennessee to protect her newborn daughter from her father’s wrath, abandoning her young husband in the process. Ike has tracked her down-not because he wants her any longer, but at the behest of her dying grandmother. Her love for Ike is still strong. He still loves her, too-but wants no part of her daughter Noelle.

Ike is beyond shocked to learn that the child he thought was his is in fact the child of his wife’s rape. He still loves Cassie, but every time he looks at Noelle he’s reminded of his own failure to protect the woman he loves. And Cassie is adamant. She will have no part of a man who can’t love her daughter. But danger lurks for Cassie’s child. Will Ike be able to protect Noelle from the threat that seeks to destroy everything his wife holds dear?

 “Yeah, it’s easy to love those blue-eyed blonds, isn’t it?” Wade gibed. “Those dark ones, man. They’re a lot harder to love.”
            Ike felt his temper spike and tamped it down. “It would be hard to love any child who looks like the man who raped my wife,” he replied softly. “It wouldn’t matter if they were white, black, or purple with stripes down their back.” More was on the tip of his tongue but he bit it back. He already sounded enough like an ass.
Wade gave him a go-to-hell look and glanced to one side. Cassie stood there, her face pale and her expression one of horror. Ike felt himself cringe. She’d heard every word.
He started to say something but clamped his mouth shut. He couldn’t defend a statement like that and he knew it. But it had been the unvarnished truth. Noelle was a visible reminder of Cassie’s violation. He didn’t know how to get around that.
Cassie disappeared into the house. It was time to make his case one more time and then get the hell out of here. Ike nodded to Wade, thanked Angie for her hospitality and followed Cassie inside, where he found her in the kitchen by herself. “You leaving now?” she asked as she transferred leftover vegetable sticks into a plastic bag.
“Not until you agree to come see Granny Mae.”
“Then you better wash your clothes and buy another tube of toothpaste. I’m not going to let you pressure me into a decision that’s not in Noelle’s best interests.”
“Damn it, Cassie, what about Granny Mae? Your grandmother’s dying. The only thing she wants before she goes is to see you and Noelle. Are you really going to deny her dying wish?”
“That’s right. Play the guilt card.” Cassie snapped the bag shut and practically threw it in the refrigerator. “I told you last night. Granny Mae is a woman of the holler. She’s not going to want to see Noelle. And even if she did, what part of ‘Hugh Siler will kill her’ did I not communicate fully to you?” She turned to Ike, her eyes blazing. “I’m not the sweet, gullible girl you knew before. The one who could be persuaded or guilted into doing just about anything you wanted me to. So don’t try that crap with me. No way in hell am I giving you any kind of answer today. Don’t ask again.”
“All right. All right. Calm down. No answer today. I get that.” He paused. “But I will say it again. Granny Mae will want to see you both. Your daughter will be in no danger from your father. So please, Cassie. Will you at least think about coming? Will you do that much? You could come for a few days, maybe a week after ‘Wizard of Oz’ finishes its run. Please, Cassie? For Granny Mae? Please?”
“I will think about it but no promises.”
“Thank you. I’ll need your contact information and would like you to have mine.”
They exchanged phones and entered the necessary information. “I guess I’ll be going,” he said as she handed him back his phone.
“One more thing.”
“What’s that?”
Cassie hesitated. “Never mind.”
“No, say whatever’s on your mind.”
“Noelle. She’s not responsible for the circumstances of her conception. She’s a beautiful, wonderful child. Everyone who knows her loves her.”
“I’m sure she is and I’m sure they do. I’m not proud of my feelings toward her, Cassie. Just so you know.”

About the Author:

Author of thirty-six romance novels, Emily Mims combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time.  The mother of two sons and six grandsons, she and her husband Charles live in central Texas but frequently visit grandchildren in Tennessee and Georgia.  For relaxation she plays the piano, organ, dulcimer, and ukulele.  She says, “I love to write romances because I believe in them.  Romance happened to me and it can happen to any woman-if she’ll just let it.”

Website Address:

Twitter Address:  @EmilyMimsAuthor

Instagram Address: mims_emily

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Secret Of Amber's Eyes Deck the Halls + Giveaway

Oakly’s Christmas Present
By DK Davis

“Oakly, you’ll find someone. Don’t look so down.” Morgan, my twin brother’s soul-mate, patted my shoulder.
Rowan stepped next to her, never leaving her side for long. His arm went possessively around her waist. He punched my arm and grinned, and then led his woman toward the kitchen table.
Watching my brother and Morgan instilled the deep loneliness plaguing my cougar, like a blade stabbing my chest. I needed the forest, an escape from the crowd of family and friends sitting around the table and working on Christmas decorations for the fortress we all called home. The place, for all its space, gave me a fit of claustrophobia.
I snuck out the front door. Brisk air and tufts of falling snow threw my cougar into an adrenaline rush to run. The animal scratched against the inside of my skin. I jogged down the porch steps and into the trees, dropping my clothes next to a giant oak and shifting into my animal.
Four large paws carried me for miles away from home. I crossed a couple of dirt roads and continued through the thick forest, cutting footprints through the snow. The wind picked up, and gray clouds blanketed the rising moon. The cougar’s night vision kicked in, and I stopped to sate my thirst at a babbling brook.
When I raised my head, a force hit my senses so hard it knocked me on my butt. I shook my head to get a bearing of what drew my complete focus. Then a shriek, followed by a snarl somewhere near, across the stream. I launched over the water at full speed.
Snapping jaws, growls, and yips sounded close. I scented wolves.
A cat screamed and snarled in a way to scare off a predator or to defend itself. Another scent filled my olfactory, female cat, not a cougar. I bounded through the dense shrub sounding like an army and blew through the other side with the effect of distraction.
A bobcat surrounded by three wolves. She stood her ground, but red colored the snow around her. All wolves stared my way.
I roared my deepest snarl and charged, the only thought snapping through my mind, save her.
Two of the wolves sprang toward me, leaving one for the she-cat. I caught one by the throat, shook the hell out of him and tossed him against a tree trunk. The other had jumped on my back and snapped his jaws over the back of my neck. Its claws caught my shoulders and my back haunches.
I ran straight at a downed tree, flipping into it, so the wolf caught the sharp branch. The teeth piercing the sides of my neck released and I pulled away from its claws. It fell to the ground, the branch protruding from its back, and then it crawled away.
The she-cat held her own, snarling and clawing, but the wolf clenched his jaws on a front leg. Bones snapped, and the she-cat went into a biting frenzy across the dog-faced snout. I pounced on the wolf’s back, sinking my claws around its neck. The she-cat dropped from its mouth, and I forced the wolf away, and then gave chase until the distance satisfied me.
When I got back to the Bobcat, she lay on her side, panting and looking like a bloody mess. Her head lifted as I stepped closer. I crouched beside her and licked at the wounds. She lapped at the gouges on my neck. After a bit, we both settled together and slept.
* * *
Someone shook me awake. As I opened my eyes and yawned, the morning sun created a glistening coat of mini prisms across the snow.
“What the hell are you doing way out here? You’re miles from our territory.” Rowan eyed me. “It looks like a bloody war zone. You’re covered in blood and a significant amount of another cat’s scent, brother. A shifter. Care to explain?”
I glanced next to me. An imprint of the she-cat’s smaller body had colored the snow dark red. She’d vanished. I jumped onto my four-paws. Sniffing the air, I noticed the smaller-sized paw prints leading the opposite direction of home.
“Come on. Everyone is worried about you. A lot of them are out looking for you.” He huffed. “You didn’t let anyone know you went for a run.”
Everything inside me said to follow the she-cat shifter, but I knew she would come back here as I would.
Rowan pulled a cell phone from his pocket. “Dad, I found him. Let everyone know. It’s going to take us a while to get home.” Then he paused, listening. I heard him explaining where we were and to use the tracking app to find his phone. It sounded like someone would be driving a vehicle to a close location.
My attention faded in and out from his conversation as my head filled with thoughts of the female Bobcat.
“I will come back to see you tonight like you want to do,” a female voice flicked inside my head like a loud whisper.
I instantly shifted into human form. “Hey, tell me why you and Morgan can mind-communicate.”
“Good grief. Your junk’s gonna freeze. I didn’t bring any clothes for you.” Rowan grinned and pointed.
Yea, parts of me wanted to hide from the cold, but most of my body remained hot-blooded. “I gotta know about you and Morgan.”
“Fine, but we gotta jog. Dad’s going to pick us up on a dirt road a few miles away.” Rowan picked up the pace. “Morgan and I exchanged blood, and because she’s my soul-mate, we can mind-communicate. I understand that only happens with a soul-mate.”
“Does your soul-mate need to be the same kind of shifter?” My mind reeled with the thought.
* * *
“You’re not leaving the fortress tonight. Tomorrow’s Christmas and your mother will have my hide if I allow you to go for a run like you did yesterday.” Dad’s eyes narrowed, but his focus wandered. “Unless you drove the truck to the spot where I picked you up. Then I’d know you’d get back here before morning.” His intense gaze landed on me. “The only reason I’m considering this is from the questions you asked Rowan. And you can thank him that he talked about it to me.”
Dad handed me his keys. I ran out the front door before he changed his mind.
Darkness had already settled over the tree line as I parked along a small clearing off the edge of the dirt road.
As I climbed out of the truck, her presence melded into mine and shivered through my body. “Where are you?”
Her scent drew me farther into the forest, and then I saw her. Beautiful long platinum-blond hair drifted down her shoulders. Smoldering blue eyes met mine. She lifted away from the large oak tree she’d leaned against and ambled toward me in a sleek feline two-legged prowl.
My breath left me and then came back in a gasping gulp, leaving me dizzy and drunk on her scent. My legs finally mobilized, and I strode to her, wrapping my arms around her.
She slid her hands around the back of my neck. Her fingers twined into my hair. I leaned down, and she lifted on her toes, lips uniting in a crash of cracking whips and stormy lightning. My whole body blazed in fire for this meek little woman, but then, nothing about her seemed timid.
Her tongue ran across my lips, sending a tremor through me. She giggled. Her hands pushed my chest, and we broke apart.
“My name’s Sky. I believe you’re my Christmas present for life.” Her smile radiated through my chest, stealing my voice.
“I believe you’re my life Christmas present also,” my mind-communication responded.
“Let’s go meet my parents, and then we’ll meet yours. We have a lot to talk about.” Sky reached for my hand, and when our fingers wove together, my cougar agreed we’d both found our most significant other.
I drew her back to me and sealed our moment with a kiss. Sky’s tender lips sent my cougar into purr-mode, something I’d never experienced before tonight. Then, Sky’s bobcat answered with a contented purr. “Merry Christmas,” our mind-communication whispered as one.

Secret: Of Amber Eyes
Secret Series
Book Three 
DK Davis

Genre: YA Paranormal, Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.         

Date of Publication:  November 2018 Release

Kindle 978-0-2286-0621-5
Amazon Print 978-0-2286-0623-9

Number of pages: 197
Word Count:  58,500

Cover Artist:  Michelle Lee

Tagline: Instinct draws Morgan and Rowan together, a human and a shifter, until a wildcard wildcat threatens Morgan’s life, changing her forever.

Book Description:

Morgan Redding, a seventeen-year-old high school graduate, gets sent to her aunt and uncle’s wildlife rescue and preserve, a therapeutic place for not only nature.

Rowan Marcus, an eighteen-year-old cougar shifter, helps at the wildlife refuge. He’s part of a secret society of shifters guarding the preserve lands.

Instinct draws Morgan and Rowan together.

Then one wildcard wildcat within the shifter community kills for the needy, but the killing escalates and threatens Morgan’s life, changing her forever…

Each Secrets book has a different story star and a different secret. Each book is a stand-alone.

Amazon      Smashwords

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Excerpt: Morgan’s point of view – 571 words

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Becka appeared to want me around. I twisted around toward the car. Mom had piled my bags on the ground near the porch steps. She stood next to the open driver’s side door, no smile, displaying all the signs of being in a hurry to leave. Her cell phone rang inside the car. 
“Gotta’ run honey,” she said over the glass sunroof of the Cadillac. “Our flight leaves in four hours, and I still have a few things left to pack.”
I immobilized as Mom dove into the car to retrieve her phone. She tapped the screen and started the car.
I didn’t wave as she shifted into gear and drove off with her cell phone stuck to her ear. 
She never even glanced my way. 
From my peripheral, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Becka looked at each other. They weren’t smiling anymore. Mom had never said a word to either of them. She didn’t say goodbye to me, either, unless I counted the trail of dust marking her exit.
Good riddance. Oh, and have a happy life with Jack.
My stomach fluttered, and the inside of my throat tightened like it might collapse in on itself. A load of moisture gathered, blurring my vision. Some trickled alongside my nose. I’m not crying. Extra baggage doesn’t cry; instead, I go to prison.
My body relaxed as if a heavy weight shifted and slipped off. Why not make the best of this crappy situation? I was on the back burner, but not being dumped down the garbage disposal. I wiped away the water littering my face and picked up my two duffle bags. Aunt Becka scooped up my backpack; her thick long blond braid slid over her shoulder.
“This way, dear. You’ve come at a good time with the weather. We’ve got a warm streak going. It isn’t normally nice warm temperatures until much later in the summer.” Aunt Becka led the way into the house. She wore faded denim shorts with a baggy sky-blue T-shirt, short white socks, and high-top hiking boots. She and Uncle Charlie were sun-browned and looked the same age as Mom. The muscles in Aunt Becka’s calves stood out as she climbed the circular stairway.
She continued, “It’s still pretty cool in the mornings and later in the evenings, which makes for great sleeping weather.”
At the top of the stairs, I walked across the open loft to the wall-sized window, dropping my bags mid-way.
Two bright red barns stood off to one side. I recognized the green T-shirt and dark blue baseball cap Uncle Charlie wore. He pushed a wheel-barrow into one of the barns. Another guy walked behind with a huge bag of something balanced on his shoulder. The muscles in his arm bulged. He stopped in mid-step and swung around to look upward, at the window, and then at me.
My stomach suddenly churned into warm pudding as our gazes collided. Rowan’s eyes glowed, amber, a trick of the sun I was sure. My breath sucked in.
Aunt Becka stepped beside me and glanced out. “Oh, that’s Rowan Marcus. He’s here pretty much every day helping with chores and with the other kids that aid us at the refuge.”
Rowan swung around and followed Uncle Charlie into the barn. A tremor slid through me, and then I exhaled, realizing I’d completely stopped my lungs from working. What the heck? Amber eyes?

About the Author:

DK Davis writes YA and NA sci-fi, supernatural, and paranormal romance that includes diverse and mature subject matter.

When she’s not writing, editing, or reading, she’s hiking, RV’ing, fishing, spending time with grandchildren or her favorite muse (her husband) in Southwest Michigan.

She also writes mainstream supernatural, suspense-thriller romance as S. Peters-Davis.

DK Davis - BWL Publishing Inc. Author Page: 

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Head Over Feet In Love Book Tour + Giveaway

Head Over Feet in Love
by Patti F. Smith
Genre: Chick-Lit, Romance

Rebecca Slater is running away from a stay in a mental health facility, a writing career that never got off the ground, and a dying best friend. She has nowhere to go, but nothing can stop her—until she crashes her car into a tree, possibly on purpose, but probably not. Without a cell phone and in a strange town, Becca starts knocking on doors, looking for someone to help her. The only person who answers her call is Mike Riley.

Becca and Mike begin a friendship that neither realizes they need. A firebrand feminist devoted to all things Generation X, Becca shares her unique life view with Mike and finds an ally in the reclusive and shy man. Becca tells him her story and the pair falls in love slowly, and then passionately, realizing that two lost souls have finally found each other.

When Becca thinks Mike is dead, she impulsively runs away again, this time to a place where she thinks no one will ever find her. She prepares for a life without her true love, but committed to remaining mentally healthy and strong, continuing her story that she now believes will have an unhappy ending.

But will it?

Patti F. Smith is the author of two books: Images of America–Downtown Ann Arbor and A History of the People’s Food Co-op Ann Arbor (and of the forthcoming Forgotten Ann Arbor, which will be published in 2019). She has written for, Concentrate, Mittenbrew, The Ann, AADL’s Pulp blog, and the Ann Arbor Observer. A former legal aid lawyer and current special education teacher, Patti serves as a commissioner for the Public Art Commission and the Recreation Advisory Commission, as a storyteller in the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild, volunteers for the Ann Arbor Film Festival and WCBN.
Patti lives in her favorite city on earth, Ann Arbor, with her husband Ken Anderson and their pets. HEAD OVER FEET IN LOVE is her first novel.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Way To You Book Tour + Giveaway

About the Book

Title: My Way To You
Author: Lyndell Williams
Genre: Romance
Lawyer Simon Young is smart, confident, and adept at keeping things with women casual—until he meets his best friend Marcus’s sister, Regina. Immediately intrigued by Regina’s beauty, Simon becomes increasingly enthralled and ultimately risks his friendship to have her for himself.
Social justice writer and activist Regina Kent is usually cautious and savvy. Yet, unable to resist her attraction to the handsome Simon, she plunges into a torrid affair, knowing that she chances angering big brother and her less tolerant followers, many of whom will not accept that one of their most popular pro-Black bloggers is dating an Asian man.
As their clandestine romance evolves, Simon and Regina fall deeper in love. Making sure that things stay between them becomes progressively impossible, and neither knows how much longer they can keep Marcus in the dark and the world at bay.

Book Excerpt:

Chapter 3 – Can You go Somewhere?

Once inside the dimly-lit waiting room, Regina stopped. Her stomach fluttered at the sight of Simon leaning against the reception desk with his long, crossed legs extending from his full-length black coat.
He glanced from his phone and smiled. “Ready?”
“I thought you left.” Simon reached for her coat and held it in the air.
His arms enveloped her as she stepped into it. “I told you I would wait.” He slid his hands over her shoulders and down her arms.
Regina trembled at his touch. “Indeed, you did.” She turned her head. Their lips almost touched and for a moment, time and her breath stood still. She lifted her lids; a slight redness blushed behind his light freckles. She’d never noticed them before. They invited her to smooth her lips across them. She concentrated on buttoning her coat before she gave into the temptation to do so as well as bite his luscious bottom lip. “Where’s Jeremy?”
“We’ll not have the honor of Mr. Stack’s company tonight.” Regina cast her gaze down and smiled. Simon leaned closer; the smell of his cologne drifted into her nose and titillated her already stimulated senses. “It’s just us. I hope that’s okay.” The promised mischievousness twinkling in his gorgeous angular eyes sent a charge of excitement down her spine.
She swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’m fine with that.” She quaked at the feel of his hand against the small of her back. She managed to appear composed despite the craving burgeoning inside her.
He raised his hand towards the door and tilted his head. “Let’s go.”

Author Bio

Lyndell Williams is an award-winning writer as well as a multifaceted editor, romance scholar and author.  She is a managing editor and columnist for various media platforms and serves as a content editor for a select group of clients. She’s had numerous short stories published in collections and enjoys a growing list of subscribers to her Layla Writes Love online short story series.
Lyndell is an adjunct instructor as well as an anti-racism and gender equity advocate. She is committed to the traditional use of literature as social commentary to affect positive social change.



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Vander Villes Book Tour + Giveaway

When Beauty Met the Beast
Vandervilles #1
by Khardine Gray
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Beneath the luxurious lifestyle and the glamor of fame and fortune held by the Vandervilles, lies a dangerous web of secrets and a twisted tale of passion, and suspense.

With wealth, power, and beauty in abundance their dominant name prevails.

But trouble is about to come their way and throw their lives into turmoil.

One man consumed with the quest for revenge seeks to ruin their lives and destroy them one by one.

Witness the brilliantly vindictive plan to bring down Benjamin Vanderville, the deceitful precarious States Attorney of California and his wife Regina, reigning queen of the fashion world.

Fall in love with the warmth of romance that blossoms between Wade Vanderville and Chloe Matthews.

And walk the road of betrayal as Taylor Vanderville discovers where loyalties lie.

The riveting tale of When Beauty Met the Beast will grip you and captivate you right from the start…

**Only .99 cents!!**

Secrets and Lies
Vandervilles #2

Simmering secrets and lies burst into a tempestuous roil in Secrets and Lies.

Discover who gets burned and who, if anyone, makes it through unscathed.

Stability Rocked

As Wade’s whirlwind romance with Chloe starts to stabilize, his ex-girlfriend turns up desperate to destroy what firm ground the two have forged. Wade’s love for Chloe has grown so deep that he’ll do anything to protect what he has with her – even if it means spinning a new web of lies.

The Agony of Betrayal

Still reeling from the double betrayal of her father and lover, Taylor barely regains her feet… only to fall in love all over again with her cheating lover. The attraction is so strong she can’t stop herself, even though she knows she must.

Matriarch and Mother

Seeing her daughter suffering is breaking Regina’s heart. She yearns to give all the help she can but… Ben is scheming to use Runway to financially back his bid for Governor. Will her struggles to keep her family safe come at the expense of her daughter?


Wade finally gives in and goes to his ex even though he knows he shouldn’t. But she’s dead and the cops finger him as the killer. Only the real killer is still on the loose and hunting…

Into the Rabbit Hole
Vandervilles #3

Chaos Reigns

Wade’s been arrested, a killer is on the loose, and Ben’s crimes are catching up with him. Will anyone in this family emerge from the chaos unscathed?

Murder Mystery

Chloe and Wesley dig deep to discover what is really going on and to prove Wade’s innocence. The deeper they dig the more the shocking truth becomes visible. Will they discover the man behind the drama? What happens if they do?

No Longer Hidden

The light finally shines of the crimes that Ben has committed, but unleashes more trouble. As always Regina is caught in the middle, but this time it’s worse. She doesn’t know where she’ll begin to fix things.

Forgive and Forget?

Can Taylor forgive, forget, and finally move on? Will she be able to see the world with the fresh clear eyes that only forgiveness of a betrayal can give? Will she be able to trust again?

Kiss and Make Up

Can Chloe accept Wade’s past and all the chaos ebb to allow the deep, romantic love they so richly deserve?

Follow the twists and turns to the stunning conclusion of Into The Rabbit Hole!

Khardine Gray is a contemporary romance author who lives in England with her husband, two kids, and three crazy ferrets.

She is well traveled, cultured, and a woman with a passion for dancing and ice skating.

When not writing you can catch her shopping, indulging on pizza and hot chocolate, or hanging out with her family and friends.

No need to spend money on an airline ticket. Simply pick up one of Khardine's books to become immersed in the fascinating stories and characters she creates.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!