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Heart Of The Highlands Blog Tour + Giveaway

Book Details:

Book Title: Heart of the Highlands: The Beast (Protectors of the Crown Book 1)
Author: April Holthaus
Category: Adult Fiction, 326 pages
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Grey Eagle Publishing, LLC
Release date: July 2015
Tour dates: Nov 27 to Dec 15, 2017
Content Rating: R (for graphic sex scenes, and mild language)

Book Description:

For hundreds of years, Scotland has battled the English for their freedom. Now, they face a new enemy. In a divided world between politics and religion, the young King James V faces the threat of his own people rebelling against him. As civil war breaks out among the Highland clans, James recruits a secret group of warriors for protection. He calls them the Protectors of the Crown.

Ian MacKay has one mission; to defend the crown no matter the cost. Along with his men, Ian's mission is to hunt down one of the most dangerous men in the Highlands. But when the daughter of an enemy enters his life, his heart becomes captured instead.

Keira Sinclair has lived a life of peace and simplicity until now. With her clan on the verge of losing everything, she is forced to wed a Laird from a neighboring clan to ensure that hers survives. During her travels to her new home, her carriage is attacked and Keira is taken hostage by a ruthless man.

Caught in the middle of a war that she does not understand, will Keira's secrets be safe, or will she succumb to the Highland warrior who now threatens to capture her heart?

Praise for Heart of the Highlands:

"The Beast was a highly enjoyable romance." - Readers Favorite Book Reviews
"Heart of the Highlands: The Beast reminded me why I love historical romances and need to read more of them!"- NightOwl reviews
"The romance was sigh-worthy." - Kilts and Swords
"A new and exciting series." - My Book Addiction and More
"Rich, Rich, Rich in detail. Well written and researched." - World's Best Story Judge

2017 Reader's Favorite Book Award Honorable Mention
2016 World's Best Story Award 2nd Place Winner
2015 RONE Award Nominee

Heart of the Highlands: The Beast is the first installment of the Protectors of the Crown Series. Here are the other books to follow:

Protectors of the Crown Series
Book Two- Heart of the Highlands: The Wolf; published
Book Three- Heart of the Highlands: The Dragon; 2018
Book Four- Heart of the Highlands: The Lion; TBA
Book Five- Heart of the Highlands: The Stag; TBA

This series follows a group of five warriors who live their life protecting their king and country. The historical setting is Scotland 1537-1538 during the reign of James V of Scotland.

To read reviews, please visit April Hothaus' page on iRead Book Tours.

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What genre do you write and why? I write sassy, heartfelt, Scottish Historical Romances. For me, writing about Highlanders as the heroes of my stories helps bring more attractiveness to my characters. Highlanders are known for their honor, their passion, and their loyalty to their clan and country. They just easily make the perfect hero to me.
Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest? I would say that the hardest character I had to write was the hero, Rylan, from my book Heart of the Highlands: The Wolf. Rylan is a complicated character. He has a lot of build-up anger from his childhood and he never really learned to cope with it, so when he meets a woman named Fallon, who can be just as hard-headed, she helps soften his heart. The easiest character I had written was the hero from my first book, The Honor of a Highlander, Rory MacKinnon. I wrote Rory as your very typical boy next door. He is sweet, honorable, and willing to do anything for the woman he loves.
What is your next project? I am currently working on book 3 of the Protectors of the Crown Series; Heart of the Highlands: The Dragon, as well as a side project for the prequel called, Protectors of the Crown. “The Dragon” is a continuation of Leland MacKay’s story, who is featured in book one “The Beast”. This story will wrap up the MacKay clan’s part of the “Protectors”, and then the series will continue with the other member of the Protectors of the Crown.
If you’re a mom writer, how do you balance your time? Balancing my time has become somewhat of a challenge. I am a single mother and work full-time so my writing has taken somewhat of a backseat as opposed to the last few years. I do write during lunchbreaks at work, or when my son has nap time but I don’t have a lot of time, so when I do write, I write scenes as opposed to starting from Chapter 1 and ending with “The End”. Over time, I am able to move scenes around or write the transition scenes to help my characters get from one place to the other.
Any hobbies? As I have a very full and busy life, the only hobby I had ever gotten into was researching my family tree. I had started researching back in 2005, and have found over 400+ direct bloodline grandparents dating back to 900’s England. 

Meet the Author:

April is an Award-Winning Author for her Scottish Historical Romances. For more than ten years, she has worked full time in the direct marketing business, but developed a passion for historical romances through her love of reading, history and genealogy.

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