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Saturday, November 25, 2017

And A Sixpence for Luck Blog Tour + Giveaway


Daisy Jones has hit rock bottom. Or so she believes.
A cheating boyfriend, trouble at work, having to move back in with her mother, and being forced to compare her brother's loved-up, newly-wed status and brand-new shiny house with her own dire lack of prospects, isn't what she imagined her life was going to be like at thirty. To top it all off, Christmas is just around the corner!

Daisy, bless her, thinks things can't possibly get any worse, but when her ancient great-grandmother persuades her to plant a silver sixpence in the Christmas pud for luck, Daisy is about to discover that they most definitely can.


‘Hello? I’m Dr Hartley.’ A man in a white coat pushed through the curtains surrounding the cubicle. ‘Daisy Jones?’
Daisy nodded and her heart did a little flip of excitement. This man was scrummy. Tousled dark hair, closely-trimmed beard, and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen on a bloke. She couldn’t really tell, but she thought he might be fit under that white coat.
Damn! Why couldn’t she have met him when she didn’t have a coin leaking toxic chemicals into her stomach and when she wasn’t wearing her bunny slippers.
‘And you are…?’ the doctor asked her brother.
‘David Jones.’
‘Right.’ The doctor turned his attention back to Daisy. He had long, black eyelashes, she noticed. ‘What can we do for you?’
‘We were having Christmas lunch and my nan and great-gran were arguing, and to shut them up David said he was having a baby. Not him having it, obviously-’
‘Can I stop you there, a second? What about swallowing a coin?’
‘Oh, yes, right. My great-gran wanted to put a silver sixpence in our Christmas pudding because, according to her, it brings good luck, and she thought I could do with some. Well, she’s right actually, I do need some good luck because-’
Dr Hartley held up a hand. ‘I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve got other patients waiting. Are you telling me you swallowed a coin in a pudding?’
‘Yes.’ Daisy nodded. ‘Am I going to die?’
Daisy looked horrified.
‘Everyone dies at some point, but I’m fairly sure you won’t be pushing up daisies any time soon.’ The doctor chuckled at his own joke, and Daisy narrowed her eyes at him.
‘Will it make me ill?’ she asked, hoping for a bit of sense this time.
‘Unlikely.’ He took her face in his hands, and she tried not to jerk away as a bolt of electricity shot through her at his touch. Oh my!
‘Does that hurt?’ he asked, turning her head this way and that, whilst staring deeply into her eyes, and stroking a thumb down the side of her neck.
‘Um…no.’ It actually felt nice, really nice. He had strong hands with long fingers and neatly trimmed nails.
‘Open your mouth for me,’ he said.
Daisy opened her mouth, hoping she didn’t have a piece of carrot or something equally offensive stuck in her teeth. He tilted her head to the side, peering down her throat, then dropped his hands to his sides, and peered intently at her. He then reached towards her again and lifted a strand of her hair. His quizzical look almost made her faint, as his lips turned up into a smile.
‘If I’m not mistaken, Daisy, you have Christmas pudding in your hair.’
‘Oh, yes, um.’ Yuk. She hadn’t had time to get it all out of her hair before David had ushered her into the car. ‘I sort of fell face first into it when Zoe slapped me on the back. Zoe is-’
‘Is the slap relevant?’
‘Yes. You see, I was choking on the sixpence and couldn’t breathe. I really thought I was going to die, then Zoe thumped me, and I started breathing again, and that’s when I realised I’d swallowed it.’
‘Let’s quickly check you over,’ he said, and Daisy had the irreverent thought that she’d be happy letting him check out anything he damned well pleased.
‘Are you having any difficulty swallowing?’ he asked.
Daisy swallowed. ‘I don’t think so.’
‘Any problems with your breathing now?’
Daisy inhaled and let it out again. ‘No.’
‘Any pain or discomfort in your throat?’
‘It’s a bit sore.’
He asked her to open her mouth again, and he peered inside, shining a light down her throat.
‘I’m reluctant to do anything more invasive at this point,’ he said. ‘There may be a small amount of swelling, but nothing to worry about, but if you have any difficulty breathing, come straight back to A&E.’
‘Is that it?’ Daisy asked. ‘What about the sixpence?’
‘It should pass through your digestive tract in a matter of days. Are you regular?’
‘Eh?’ She so didn’t want to be discussing her toilet habits with this man, doctor or not.
‘Your bowel movements, are they regular?’
Daisy shrugged, trying not to be too embarrassed. ‘I suppose so.’
‘My advice is to check your stools until the coin makes an appearance.’


Lilac spends all her time writing, or reading, or thinking about writing or reading, often to the detriment of her day job, her family, and the housework. She apologises to her employer and her loved ones, but the house will simply have to deal with it!

She calls Worcester home, though she would prefer to call somewhere hot and sunny home, somewhere with a beach and cocktails and endless opportunities for snoozing in the sun…

When she isn’t hunched over a computer or dreaming about foreign shores, she enjoys creating strange, inedible dishes in the kitchen, accusing her daughter of stealing (she meant to say “borrowing”) her clothes, and fighting with her husband over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.


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