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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent Blog Tour

About the Book

Title: A-C-T Like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K Like a Parent
Author: Katherine Shears and C.S. Whitehurst
Genre: Nonfiction self-help
Just for kicks, have you ever wondered what your parents really want from you in life? Is it you, or do your parents want you to have no real fun? On any given day, do you want to make your parents proud of you and still do what makes you feel really happy within yourself? Of course you do! But the real question has always been, and still is…how? How can we actually get this done?
Well, with A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, a.k.a "the child-part consoler", you will get past common misunderstandings by learning how to truly talk, hear, and listen to your parents, guardians or caregivers instead of feeling like you have to run to friends to find some sense of acceptance, understanding, and real connection.
In this book, chock-full of questions and answers gotten directly from the source, you’ll learn what your parents, guardians or caregivers really expect of you—and maybe you’ll even find out how to explain to them what you really expect from them! Not that this book could ever replace a parent, because it can not. But when it comes to openly communicating certain key ideas, this book comes really close.
This tell-all guide contains lots of enlightening explanations and helpful answers to many common kid questions like:
  • What do my parents really want from me?
  • Why do my parents do what they do and say what they say?
  • What do I really need to know about my parents' parenting skills?
  • How can I keep my parents happy with me?
  • How can I help my parents to help me?
  • How can I get what I want from my parents every time?
A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is an intro to the secret knowledge of adults which is a set of informations that is mainly covered in the book entitled Surrogate Re-Parenting: A.K.A. Get Your Mind Right, and even more thoroughly covered in the book The Secret Knowledge Of Adults. While this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent is intended for kids 10 and up, the info in this book is beneficial and useful to the intelligent kid parts in all of us. Yes, this means you too.
The information in this book will help you and yours to start to see your parents, not as the enemy, but as the caring human beings they really are, and take the first step toward family unity, understanding, growth, success, and happiness! Both you and your parents really deserve this, and with this book, A-C-T like a Kid and T-H-I-N-K like a Parent, you and your parents can actually achieve this.


As a kid, when your parents won't give up, and 
you won't give in, what happens is that the 
situation becomes sort of a stand-off or a genuine
conflict. A point of major resistance, where all 
forward motion comes to a halt for you as the kid.
A point where all of your parent's assisted 
progress is stopped, where all real growth freezes
for you as a kid.
This type of situation is a problem caused by things 
functioning clearly the wrong “way”. Somebody is 
not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Or 
they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, 
in and of a bad “way”. Either in the “way” that they 
are communicating, or in the “way” that they are not
communicating. This kind of problem could only be 
caused by the kids' end of the relationship. A 
problem that would not be if you, as a kid, did what 
you were supposed to do, which is to follow as you 
are learning to lead. This situation is occurring as 
sort of a tug of war. A situation where either both 
people are pulling against each other, or each one is 
pushing up against one another, at the same time. 
Both situations will cause progress for you as a kid, 
to come to a stop.
In this type of situation, if you want things to get 
better everyone, that is part of the stand-off of 
conflict and resistance, has to go back to their proper
roles and positions. This is in order to get things 
going again. And in parent-to-kid relationships, it is 

the parent who must do the guiding and the leading to the best of their ability. It is the role of the kid or 
child to listen, learn, practice and follow, to the best 
of their ability, not the other way around. Someone 
has to do the leading and someone has to do the 
following. It is the only way to get the progress, 
motion, and healthy growth for you, as a kid, back 
on track.
This is because two leaders will lead away from each
other and two followers will follow into each other. 
The parent is trying to cause healthy growth, 
change, and progress in their child or kid who, 
clearly to the parent, doesn't yet know the secret 
knowledge of adults. Not the other way around. If 
the kid is trying to change or fix the parent, they are
going about it the wrong “way”, which is more proof 
that the kid doesn't know the secret knowledge of 
adults. The child is not supposed to step out of their 
place, put their foot down and try to grow, correct or
change their parents into the people that they want 
them to be. It just won't work that way. You as a kid
will suffer great losses just for trying it. It is the 
wrong “way” to try to get what you, as a kid want. If
you are fighting and resisting your parents guidance 
by listening to yourself for guidance or worse, 
listening to the voice of one or more of your friends, 
then at home where your naturally placed guide is, 
your parents, there will be big problems and conflict 
waiting there for you, or any kid in that type of 
situation. By resisting your parents or better said 
“trying to lead the leaders”, you are wasting what 
little time you have to grow to be able to master the 
secret knowledge of adults. This time should be used
by you and your parents to show and tell you how 
and what to do to help and assist you to becoming a 
fully grown big person. A person who can get 
whatever they want and need of their own good work and efforts with full awareness of the secret 
knowledge of adults. While you as a child are 
resisting being guided and lead, you are wasting 
valuable training time that you can't get back. This is
because time, once it has passed, it's gone. It's 
With respects to time, the parents came first and 
then the kids followed, never the other way around. 
Stand-offs don't make any sense and, as a fact, it 
does take a certain degree of high intelligence to be 
able to see the value of staying in your place and 
doing your part as your parent's kid, or child, big or 
small. And sadly, some people just aren't smart 
enough to actually know better, which does explain 
why we see, meet and hear about so many messed-
up, screwed-up and poorly functioning people in the
world. The fact is that your intelligence has to be 
able to outrun and overpower your immense ego. 
Either way it is important to avoid conflict as they, 
your parents, guide and lead you through life. With 
what little time you have as a kid, to be a 
youngster, especially if you don't want to become 
one of those lost adults in your own future, you 
should choose for yourself to listen.
You see, you will basically be a child, or kid, in 
society for eighteen years or so and then, if you're 
fortunate, you'll be a grown-up for the next seventy 
years or so, give or take a few years. But to your 
parents you'll be their grown-up kids or children for 
life. By listening and following the guidance and 
leadership of your parents, you are learning from 
their examples how to someday take the lead in 
your own life and family through that secret 
knowledge of adults. Because later on in life, when 
you are all grown up and successful, you may, at some point, find yourself being followed by young 
people that will be called your "kids". They, as kids, 
will need you to guide and protect them using the 
secret knowledge of adults that you, as a grown-up, 
will have already mastered. Knowledge that is 
invisible to them. They as kids will challenge you to 
give up as if they have that secret knowledge of 
adults already, when they clearly don't.
Would you, as a parent, give up on your kids 
because they decided to act and pretend to be the 
parent all up in your face?. . . and neither will your 
So, if you have lost your place or your way, just stop
and get back on track and play your position, as a 
kid, in the family. Even though your parents are not 
perfect, they are there to lead and guide you with 
the secret knowledge of adults that they possess 
and their life experience as a bonus. So get good 
grades, eat smart, do your chores and look and 
smell good. Do this regularly, so that when you are 
all grown up you can actually have the full and 
wonderful life that you may dream of. A life that 
your parents are secretly wishing for you to have.

Author Bios

Katherine Shears is a mom, graduate of Strayer University, and an executive consultant, who is dedicated to bettering the social function and overall visibility of all she encounters. She is a deep thinker with an open mind who stays on the cutting edge of learning, having read over one hundred self-help titles and counting.

C. S. Whitehurst is a psychology-based UX/UI designer/tester, computer programmer, IT Project Manager, and self-help enthusiast, who is a student of science, philosophy, life, and NYU. As a native of New York, having been exposed to social diversity, he has been coached by life to respond to the issues plaguing inner-city youth.



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