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Book Details:

Book Title: Journey's End: Death, Dying and the End of Life
Authors: Victoria Brewster & Julie Saeger Nierenberg
​Category: Adult Non-Fiction; 558 pages
​Genre: Resource/Educational
Publisher: Xlibris
Release date: July 20, 2017
Tour dates: Sept 4 to 22, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 + M

Book Description:

In Journey's End, we write about death, dying, and end of life issues. We attempt to define and describe these real-life circumstances, and we discuss ways to proactively deal with them. Multiple personal and professional perspectives provide valuable insights.

What is dying like for dying persons, for loved ones, and for those who lend support in the process? Each experience will have unique qualities. Everyone dies in his own way, on his own schedule. While we explore the dying process, we make no assumptions about how any particular death will unfold.

Grief and bereavement support, training tools, and educational resources are included.


What made you write a book about death, dying, and the end of life?
Julie and I have been exposed to death through personal and professional experiences and we realized that many people shy away from the topic and even fear it. The word ‘death’ scares people. But we realized, death is part of the life cycle. “To be born, we will die.” As far as we know, there is not away to escape reality.
We believe it is important to talk about death, to plan for it, and raising awareness of the topic makes it seem more acceptable and normal.

Do you have other professions besides writing?
Victoria is a social worker and case manger with seniors for the past 17 years. She just launched a business called NorthernMSW which will focus on raising awareness, education, and trainings for professionals and non-professionals along with facilitating discussion groups on the topics of death and dying.
Julie has her own business called Create Write Enterprises where she assists with writing, editing and coaching for personal or business projects- (

How long have you been writing?
Victoria- I have been writing since I was a child; poetry, short stories, and the beginning of a book when I was a teenager. In university, I was required to have a miner as well as a major and I chose English, hence my re-entry into writing when in graduate school and after.
Julie- I started in Grade 1 or 2. Poetry, journaling, fiction, non-fiction, then teacher of writing. 55 years in all!
What is your next project?
We are at work on book 2 as we call it currently. This book will also focus on death, dying, and the end of life, but from the perspectives of culture, ethnicity, and religion. We are aiming for a summer 2018 publication. Out of the 28 perspectives we are seeking for this book, we already have 13 committed individuals. It will cover the major religions of the world along with various ethnic and cultural perspectives.
Favorite Travel Spot?
Victoria- The beach, nature trails, visiting family.
Favorite Dessert-
Julie- Dark chocolate anything!

Meet the Authors:

Victoria has a master of social work degree. She has worked as a case manager with older adults for the past seventeen years and as a group facilitator. Her past work experience was as a therapist with children and families, and as a case manager for adults with mental health issues. She just launched a consulting business, NorthernMSW to focus on end of life issues, planning, training, and advocacy, along with memoir writing and life legacy writing.

Julie was inspired equally by her professional backgrounds as a biomedical researcher and long time educator. Julie values open and lively discussions based on interview and research findings, trends in health and wellness, and exciting new modalities of treatment and professional education. She believes it will be through such discussions that we will create new and more satisfying cultural paradigms within which we may live all the days of our lives with dignity and quality of care.

Connect with the authors: Website ~ Facebook

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