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Thursday, June 15, 2017

For Love and Fear Book Tour

About the Book

Title: For Love and Fear
Author: L.D. Carson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Welcome to Pathoca, a land whose gods and magic rule over the realm of emotions and thought. But don’t be fooled, the mortals are not the only ones susceptible to their pathos.
After a brutal war destroyed everything he held dear, the god of fear has disappeared into hiding. But the persistence of one mortal may be the key to bringing him back to power. Are they both willing to make the sacrifices it will take?


“You seem lost, little girl.” A grotesquely stretched mouth, with long, razor-sharp teeth, produced the words in a deep and pervasive voice.
    The young woman chocked back her pulse, “I have been sent to find you, sir.”
    The twisted smile dropped from the creature’s face. The visage rose, revealing to the woman an equally stretched body. Long, thin appendages, clad in black and chains, attached to a long, thin torso, towered above her. A set of skeletal bat wings completed the appearance of Frykstra, the god of fear.
    “Sent by whom?” rumbled the voice.
    The woman dug through her pockets for a moment, and pulled out a shining medallion, “By your sister, Vonad.” She held the medallion out to him, the symbol for the goddess of hope glistening in the moonlight.
    Frykstra sighed and, as fast as if the woman had blinked, the towering figure was gone, replaced by the muscular man from the tavern, “What does she want?”
    “For me… to be your disciple.”
    “Sorry, I’m not taking any disciples.”
    “But, why not?”
    The man flung out his arms, “I’m not sure if you noticed, but no one is exactly worshiping me anymore. My following died with my followers.” His arms flopped back to his sides, and he turned away from the woman, “Now please, leave me alone.”
    He barely took two steps before he heard snow crunching behind him.
    “Frykstra, oh god of terror.”
    “Shit,” Frykstra turned back around. The woman was on her hands and knees, head hung down to the snow.
    “I Bakrin, a humble servant of Vonad, am not worthy of your blessings. Yet, I offer myself, body and soul, to you. Please, my lord, let me be your instrument, let me-“
    “Alright!” Frykstra bent to lift the woman from her prostration, “Alright. I get it. You don’t have to recite the entire text to me.” He brushed the snow off of her, “Why do you want to follow me, anyway?”

Author Bio

Born and raised in an artistic family on the South side of San Antonio, TX, L. D. Carson has never been one to keep her imagination to herself. Entertaining anyone who would listen with fantastic tales of adventure through words and pictures became her favorite past time at an early age. This passion and dedication won her first publication in high school in a number of different poetry anthologies and a first place award in the Poetry Society of Texas. She went on to receive her BA in English from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. During her studies there she was invited to join Sigma Tau Delta, the university’s English Honor Society, and got weekly publication of a comic in the Island Waves Student Newspaper. In April of 2012, she began her foray into the world of self-publishing with her young adult novella “Fire in the Sky: Evolution,” and since then has completed a trilogy of that story as well as co-authoring a children’s book, “Snorkle the Fail Dragon.”
that story as well as co-authoring a children’s book, “Snorkle the Fail Dragon.”



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