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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Every Breath Book Tour + Giveaway


Date Published: December 1, 2016
Publisher: Dark Hollows

Brianna ran with her daughter from Arizona all the way to Minnesota to escape her blackmailing sister, Kathy. Melinda belonged to Brianna now, not Kathy, who gave her up for adoption to Brianna, and now Kathy suddenly has a desire to be a mother? Ha! There’s money out there for single moms and cold hard cash is the only thing Kathy understands. Besides, Minnesota has something Brianna finds she is very interested in – Hockey. 

Okay, maybe not hockey, but one specific hockey player by the name of Devon Saint Martin. Big, gorgeous and wealthy, Devon has it all. Including a long string of stunning ex-girlfriends. So Brianna knows he would have no interest in her plain-Jane looks.

Except, the first time they meet, it was up close and personal and they were both naked.

Devon made it perfectly clear he was not only interested, he wants Brianna AND her daughter. But the man is famous for his “never gonna get married” attitude and there’s no way Brianna is going to fall victim to the devastating “Devon charm” and be yet another notch on the man’s hockey stick. 

When some troubling incidents begin to take place, both Devon and Brianna question who could be behind the attempts to harm Brianna, and jeopardize their fledgling romance.

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The experience was so different from the ones Brianna and Melinda had ever had before. Even though the hospital was not necessarily close, a good half hour away, when Sam dropped them off at the front doors, Dr. Nelson was right there. He took her into an exam room in the ER department, pronounced an ear infection, wrote the prescription for antibiotics, and Brianna, Melinda and Devon were back in the car in less than forty-five minutes.
Back at Brad and Julie’s house Brianna put a finally sleeping Melinda to bed and wandered back down into the living room, exhausted herself.
“How is she?” Julie asked, standing to give Brianna a hug.
“She’s fine. The fever is gone and she’s resting. By tomorrow afternoon, tonight will be a distant memory for her. She bounces back so fast.”
“So sad you had to cut your evening short.”
Devon, who was sitting on one of the chairs and had been chatting with Brad, cut in, “No problem. We’ll have a ton of other evenings. Munchkin needed her mom.” He winked at Brianna, who sat heavily on the couch.
“Devon, I am so grateful to you for what you did tonight. We would still be sitting at the emergency room waiting to be seen. As it is, Melinda has had a dose of medicine and in back in bed already.”
“Which is exactly where everyone else should be.” He rose from the chair extending a hand to Brianna. “You look exhausted, sweetheart. I’m going to tuck you in and head out, okay?”
Julie touched Devon’s arm. “Not necessary, big man. Take the other guest room. It’s a long drive back to your place and it’s late. You’ve had a long day, too.”
“I mean it. Brad, tell him. I’m going to bed.” She hugged Brianna hard. “God, I’m glad you’re here. I love you, Brianna. Remember that.” She turned and left the room.
Brad chuckled. “I agree with my wife, Devon. Stay.” He hugged Brianna, too. “It’s been a long night. Thank you for letting us watch Melinda. She is a pure joy.”
After he also left the room Devon and Brianna made it up the stairs. In her room Devon turned to Brianna and pulled the crystal strap from her shoulder, letting his hands wander over her breasts. He leaned over and kissed her lips. “May I undress you?” he whispered in her ear.
“Oh yes,” Brianna answered breathlessly.
He reached around to the long zipper in back and slowly pulled it down, tickling Brianna’s back as it went. “So lovely,” he whispered to her. He slipped his hand under the fabric, cupping a naked nether cheek. He hugged her close. “You drive me crazy. I want to do such things to you.”
“I…don’t think…”
“No worries, my sweet. I am only going to undress you and put you to bed. Nothing more. At least not tonight. I just want to see your naked body again. Touch you, make you want me.”
“Oh, I do want you. So much.”
He kissed her then, hard, deep. She wanted to just climb right inside of him and never be apart from him. She wanted nothing more than to let loose and let him do whatever he wanted. But she was brought out of herself when Devon released her and stepped back. She was amazed she actually stayed on her feet, feet that were trapped in some way… Shocked, she looked down and evidently, while she was lost in his kiss, he had managed to strip her dress from her. It was pooled around her ankles now, forcing her to step out to be free of it. She gently kicked the dress off to the side. Since the dress was designed in such a way she was unable to wear a bra she was now standing in front of him totally devoid of clothes.
He had said this was what he wanted, her naked. She hadn’t let herself think about it. But this was the part she didn’t like. Even though he had not turned on the light she knew he could see every ample curve due to the abundant moonlight pouring in from the windows. She was nervous and anxious he was seeing her very fleshy body. Sure, he had seen it before, but that had been a totally different situation. That had been accidental. This was on purpose.
And as if he heard what she was saying in her head, he whispered, “You are stunning.” Devon stepped close again, kissing her, touching her, massaging places that fired desire inside her she could hardly contain, fueling a crushing need for release. She threw back her head when he freed her from the kiss and his burning lips continued down her throat to her breasts until he had mouthed each one in turn, twirling his soft, warm tongue around and around, sending shivers of craving through her entire body. Lower still he went, kissing her tummy and her hips, her private area, leaving a trail of unquenchable fire.
He rose and kissed her lips again, this time gently, then pulled her into a tight hug. “Sorry,” he murmured against her ear. “I always get carried away with you. But soon, Brianna, soon.”
“Yes,” she whispered back. It would have to be or she would go crazy.
Devon caressed her back softly. “Tonight, I want you to sleep naked thinking of me.”
“Naked? I…I can’t do that. What if Melinda wakes up?”
“Keep a robe by your bed. But when you are in-between the bed sheets I want you to become used to the idea of always being naked.”
A tremor of desire ran through her. “Why?” she breathed.
“Because your naked body is amazing and beautiful and when I finally join you there, you will be ready for me.”
How could she tell him she was already ready in every way except one? With Melinda sleeping a mere ten feet away and in the same room there was no way they could go farther tonight. And leaving again to go to Devon’s house was out of the question.
“Tell me, Brianna Grayson, you will sleep totally naked tonight. Then, while I am attempting to fall asleep next door, I can think about you in here lying, ready and waiting for me to make love to you.”
It was a crazy idea. “Yes.” She whispered.
He stepped back one step then indicated the bed. “Go.”
She ran to the bed, pulled back the covers and climbed in, pulling the covers back up to her chin. Then he was there, leaning over her, adjusting the covers so they were flat across her, then kissed her nose. He smiled. “So beautiful.” Then he walked to her closet, pulled out her fluffy white robe and laid it on the bed. “Good night, sweetheart.”
And he was gone.
She suddenly had an overwhelming desire to steal through the bathroom and join him in his bed. Melinda wouldn’t wake up. Not after the medication and the Tylenol and all the drama from earlier. Julie and Brad were on the other side of the house sleeping soundly and would never hear a thing. In fact, Brianna was betting that Julie expected that very thing and would ask about it in the morning.
But she would be patient.
She would have a clearer head in the morning and would be able to see the logic of it then. And she was exhausted. But it was strange to be naked. It felt erotic and weird at the same time. And just the knowledge that Devon was a room away and thinking about her being “ready” for him sent shudders through her.
She could hear Melinda’s gentle breathing. She focused on that and soon found herself drifting close to sleep as well. It was amazingly comfortable to have Devon sleeping so close. Someday she hoped it would be closer yet.

Author Bio
Teri had beautiful hands. Something I always noticed. Not that she had manicures all the time or used a special lotion, she just had naturally beautiful hands. She also had beautiful handwriting. You could always tell if she wrote a particular note or actually signed the birthday card, because her handwriting was unique. At least it was to me. She got it from our mother who was, and is, meticulous about certain things, and her own handwriting was just one of many she took pride in. That wasn’t the only thing Teri got from our mother. She got our mother’s beauty, perfect skin, amazing energy, and keen eye for detail. She also got our mother’s solid common sense and, along with my other two sisters and my brother, brilliance. Well – maybe she got some of that from our dad as well. Sadly, I didn’t get any of it, the hands, the beauty, the common sense or the brilliance. And the handwriting? Some would say “Good grief, no”. But the one thing Teri and I did have in common was reading. Oh yes. A passion for both of us and Teri had hundreds and hundreds of romance paperbacks, all of which, she read. Every single one.

Unfortunately, at the young age of 23, Teri was diagnosed with cancer, and after battling it for three long years, the cancer took her life. A number of weeks after her death, when going through her things, the family discovered a file folder of notebooks and loose papers, all filled with her handwritten romance stories. Who knew? None were complete, but it was obvious we also shared one other thing. She, like me, had, at one point, dreams of becoming an author. But, along with so many of her dreams, she was never able to make it happen. So I gathered up that file and stored it away, vowing that someday I would make at least that denied dream come true. Then a few years ago I became a published author with, now, over twenty books under my author name.

I was finally ready.

Which was a good thing. I had a bout with breast cancer last year and my mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. It put things back into perspective for me. I wanted that book done. So here it is. Complete.

This book is a combination of all those beautifully handwritten notes, stories and out-lines, found in that old, and now very tattered, file folder. It is also a combination of our writing styles, something I think Teri would appreciate, respect, and, I dare to believe, like. I see her adding this paperback to her enormous collection and moving right on to the next dream, this one finally fulfilled.

And my mom? She may or may not read it. I hope she does. Otherwise, it will still have a special place on her book shelf that she designated a long time ago for this very book.

Thank you Eden Connors, Michelle Williams and the awesome Shannon West, all true heroes, for believing in me enough to pull this off and committing to publishing this book even before I finished it. Thank you to my family of crazy people who allowed me to take this file of Teri’s writings so many years ago and for believing that I could possibly make it what it is today, a little contribution to the paperback romance world. And thank you, Teri, for letting us find your treasure in the first place so I, along with so many awesome others, could complete this dream for you, for our family and, hopefully, for many happy readers who will now be able to see not only what your beautiful hands created but a tiny piece of your heart.

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