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Friday, April 7, 2017

Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater is a genius. She’s a scholar, an inventor, hardworking and loyal, and well known in the scientific circles around the University in Prosper City.

Being smarter than everyone else might seem like a good thing, but it isn’t. At least, it isn’t to Jinx who has two friends, a small condo, and no life.

After a fight with her best friend Wilder, it just gets worse. Someone breaks into her home and when her parents show up in all their hippie-like glory, Jinx has had enough and escapes to a small village by the sea.

Suddenly, Jinx finds herself involved in village life, living with the unpleasant Mrs. Fratinelli and trying her best to juggle all the things that seem to end up on her plate. And then there’s calm, cool and gorgeous Dante – Snow’s boyfriend, who seems to see right through the shields Jinx has put up around herself, straight into her mind.

         My Review : ⭐⭐⭐ 3.5 

Here we get to meet Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater a very smart lady. She always says yes to just about anything people will ask. When things get tough for Jinx she ended up getting a ulcer and went to her friends to do some relaxing and the good thing is nobody will no her to ask for her help.

I really enjoyed the description that the Author did in this book. It was very well done. You could just imagine the town that Jinx went to get rested and healed. The characters are very well written as well. I just didn't get quite into the story like I should have. But overall it was still a good book to loose a couple hours too.

A little bit of romance,saving people was quite a journey. A book that is worth reading and picking up.

I volntarly received a ARC of this book from Read For Reviews to give a honest review. All Reviews are 100% my own.


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